PropertyHandle features a Tokenized Real Estate Platform that allows for fractional ownership in property for as little as $1.

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PropertyHandle features a Tokenized Real Estate Platform that allows for fractional ownership in property for as little as $1. We combine different models to create an ecosystem that accommodates innovative financing mechanisms whilst providing additional benefits to investors, regulators, developers, tradesmen and the economy as a whole. 

Tokenized Real Estate Platform

Key Features


We break down the value of a property or project per sqm into shares that are sold to multiple buyers who collectively own the property or project and earn income from rentals and capital appreciation.

Escrow Service

Built-in secure escrow where a trusted third party collects, holds and regulates payment of the funds. All transactions are safely carried out without risk of investors and sellers losing money.

e-Title Registry

This is a title registry that stores and provides services to allow individuals and organizations to survey land and record deeds on Blockchain. All properties listed will be recorded and verifiable online including real-time geographical data.


Secondary Market

The cost of these shares will rise or fall in proportion to the value of the property or project. These shares can be sold online whenever the owner wishes.

How it works


Crowd Funding and Tokenization

We Verify and Tokenize
the property or project dividing it in to multiple fractions (investable shares) that anyone can purchase as investment making you a co-landlord and/or joint development investor. Every listing has all due diligence records stored on Blockchain in our e-Title Registry for your convenience and protection.


Professional Facilities and Asset Management

No matter where in Africa your investment is, we have trusted partners and teams managing our portfolios so you can see the growth of your income and return on capital on your dashboard, anytime.



Your investment isn’t locked up for long periods of time. Your shares are digital tokens that are tradable on an online exchange whenever you wish to cash out.

Facilities Management Services

Key Features

1. Management

We  manage property investments on behalf of investors and other clients.

2. Maintenance on Subscription 

There are monthly subscription packages that are differentiated by scope of work done. We use three key maintenance responses which are:

Reactive Maintenance- defined as unplanned repairs required to restore the building fabric to operating condition.

Planned Preventive maintenance-defined as planned routine maintenance, testing and maintenance of building fabric/equipment to prevent component failure and maintain them in operational condition.

 Long-term Maintainance-defined as larger planned repairs aimed at preventing deterioration of the building fabric and or to repair/replace major building components.

3. Property Valuations